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Share with Social Media

Use Canada REIC social media broadcast and post all your leads, activity on major social media portals.

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Use PC or Smart Phone

Access your profile from your PC or any smart phone. We are mobile friendly.

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Made for Any Investor

If you are thinking about Real estate investing or already actively working in Canada REIC can help you.

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Find out why over 2 400 Investors trust us with their Real estate Investing.

Prosperity Real Estate Investments Mentorship Program with Michael Ponte

Welcome to the Prosperity Mentorship Program. We are extremely excited in working with all of you and teaching you the key key fundamentals to helping you become a successful Real estate investor. Listed below is the dial in number for the next 6 week sessions which are being held every Monday at 6:00pm PST. For each call, please ensure that you have a pen, pencil, pad of paper and a calculator available as it will be extremely important for your training. We will be making the calls as interactive as possible to ensure your getting all your questions...

5 Success Stories of Sophisticated Investors

5 Success Stories of Sophisticated Investors

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Canada REIC has been the BEST resource for us bar none for our investing business. The education, resources, connections and leadership have been and continue to be irreplaceable tools in our tool belt.

Dan Giercke Mentored for life
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The best decision I ever made by joining Canada REIC. Friendly people , very knowledgeable investors. Thank you.

Misook Yoo

Canada REIC is Simple. Smart. Stunning.

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Canada Real estate investors Club is run by Investors for Investors. More...

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